Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheating at Photography

OK so I know this is nothing new. This photo is a panorama - five vertical shots stitched together with Hugin. I want to call it "cheating" because it results in a very large usable dimension - like that of a Medium Format camera. This technique allows me to preserve a great amount of detail from front to back. I could have gotten the same composition by taking one wide angle shot, correcting the perspective, and cropping from the centre of the image, but the result would have been lacking the spectacular detail I accomplished here. There are 14 Turbines being built on this site - I somehow wanted to get all of them in the picture, along with the straw-bales in the foreground and everything that spectacular sunset had to offer at the same time.

If you find yourself "stuck" with a 50mm Prime (a lens which I like a lot, especially as it becomes 80mm on my 1.6X Canon) , and you find yourself staring woefully at a wide vista that would be better served by a 24mm lens, just turn your camera on it's side and start mowing.

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