Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Open Source Photography

Every picture I take gets the "Open Source Treatment". That means Photo Software that is available at no cost, among other things. If you have heard rumours about the Open Source world, you might be thinking "Linux", and yes, that's true, and yes I do use Linux as my preferred computer experience for everything. But what you might not have known is that a lot of truly great OS Photography Applications are created for Linux first, and then ported to Windows. My favourites are GIMP. Photivo, Hugin and Tintii and all of these are available for Windows at exactly the same cost as they are in Linux - $0!! And they work just as well. They also work just as well as the very costly Commercial Programs most often referred to.

GIMP is an absolute essential. Although not exactly a "Photoshop Clone", it has a similar set of features. To say it's a "clone" would be doing it a dis-service! GIMP is every bit as good as PS in every way - it does it all - it is quite similar, has its own set of creative filters and script add-ons, and will now even run some PS add-ons.

Next is Photivo. It has been compared to both Elements and Lightroom in function. Although most powerful as a RAW Processing Workflow Program, it will do amazing things with any image file - not just RAW format. I worked the above picture through the many "sliders" in Photivo while it was still in my Canon Raw format until my own eyes were amazed, before exporting it to GIMP for a final resizing and conversion to JPEG.

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