Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Rebel In Your Pocket

There are definite advantages to having your camera small and pocketable, which is always difficult, as generally speaking, it is only the "Point and Shoot" digital cameras that are small enough to fit a pocket. I'm not knocking P&S compact digicams, but again, generally speaking, even the best compacts are deficient in two areas - speed of Auto Focus and Image Quality in low light.

For street shooting especially, and also for just about any other type of walk-about outdoor photography, it's very nice to have your camera small. But often in these situations, the "decisive moment" is all important, and these two well known disadvantages of compacts - even the best of them, can work against that all important capture of the peak split second of interest.

I have pictured here my Canon Digital Rebel XTi, which is a smallish DSLR - the smallest that Canon ever made if I'm not mistaken, fitted with what looks like a strange little body cap with numbers on it. But that isn't a body cap - it's an Industar 50-2 Lens. Another one of my Soviet Russian wonders, this lens is small, extremely simple, has the right 50mm focal length and opens up to a respectable f3.5. Also, I've included a photo that I took with this camera and lens. Best of all, this rig fits into my average sized jacket pocket. The lens has a reputation of being exceptionally sharp, and they sell on Ebay for less than $50.

Yes you can pocket most of the smaller DSLR's (Canon Rebels good, Olympus E series even better) by fitting it with this lens, or what are now called "Pancake Lenses", and join in on the happy world of street shooting.

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