Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Stitch Challenge

I've made a few attempts at this big stitch. I realize that as far as big stitches go, this is nothing close to what some people are accomplishing, like combining horizontal and vertical panels together, or creating full 360 degree cityscapes with an iPhone Camera! The challenge I faced with this one is obvious- how could I get the utility pole out of the foreground? With my first two tries, I stood much closer and used a wider lens (17mm), and on the second try, I also tried making it in two rows, upper and lower as well as left to right, to keep the height of the main steeple. But it never worked - that 17mm focal length was creating so much perspective shift, my software was unable to pick up on the stitching points. So I had to step back and using 28mm, it worked fine with four vertical shots.

I had to make peace with the pole. And I have. The pole actually became useful in establishing perspective, not only as a strong foreground object, but it also forms a line with the other vertical objects leading back from it in parallel with the crosswalk lines on the street, which gives the picture a very strong and welcoming foreground. This is the very reason why I bother to do this - it is the simulation of a "big camera" pixel area I am looking for with these attempts, where the extreme foreground and background detail remains equal - the foreground will strongly invite your eye into the composition.

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