Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More From The Phone

There's no doubt in my mind now that 8 Mpix  Phone Cameras are capable of making pictures that are far better than they ought to be, and that I can have confidence that the camera in my phone isn't just a toy. I see great separation of foreground from background, even in the absence of good "bokeh". It is excellent at capturing textures and contrast. Naturally, it is no match for a DSLR, but truthfully, I think it is better than a lot of compact cameras. Case in point - I just purchased a compact a couple of weeks ago, because it was at a great discount. It even has a lens with the name of the famous German camera company whose name begins with "L", and for the life of me, I could not make that camera take a decent picture, although it got some pretty good on-line reviews. Just me maybe, but I ended up giving it to my wife, who wanted a small "fun camera" to put in her purse.

I can't fully understand how such miniaturization can be capable of making good pictures, other than through the recent evolution of "micro-lenses". A normal sized DSLR Sensor actually has millions of microscopic lenses, one located at each pixel-site, all crammed into an area of a few square centimetres. The purpose of these micro-lenses is to assist in sharpening the light that hits each individual pixel. It only stands to reason then, that if lenses can be made so incredibly small and accurate, that the lens on a Camera Phone, as small as it appears, would be gigantic compared to a micro-lens.

Enough said!

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