Saturday, March 3, 2012


Retinex is a "fun filter" that I use sparingly, because it tends to be quite goofy, I think. But Edwin H. Land, inventor of the Polaroid Camera didn't think so. He came up with a theory to describe "Retinal Cortex" theory - (ref:

So, apparently, this is some means of giving every colour in an image equal intensity and importance - I think this is what Ed was getting at! I tend to have an instinct of when to use the Retinex effect, and it often involves power lines as an element in a photograph. Often, these ugly power lines tend to ruin an otherwise good picture, and many photographers spend hours in Photoshop trying to paint them out.

But I discovered that Retinex can turn ugly power lines into a party! As the application of the effect tends to give an equal emphasis to everything, I like to take it and "crank it up to 11" - doing this gives an emphasis to the power lines, putting them shamelessly into the composition, and at the same time "electrifies" everything else in the picture. All of a sudden, a boring building is put right into Nicola Tesla's laboratory!

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