Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Man With A Camera

A "not bad" Instagram alternative for Android is One Man With a Camera. I had actually been playing around with this one before trying Instagram. If you want to go beyond square, this might be the one you'd want to try, because "Square Camera" is but one of many different camera options, and each camera option has six different filters. I decided against downloading the whole set, opting out of "Tilt Shift" and "Super Sampler" for now anyway.

Here you can see the Square Camera with an effect called "Rusty" - I think it's an amazing effect! Looks like something from a bygone age, but I just snapped this today!

There is a downside - One Man With a Camera only provides pictures that are 600 X 600 Pixels, while Instagrams are roughly double that, and so for printing purposes, Instagram would be the better choice. Keep in mind the best choice for printing is still the 8 Mpix phone camera's native format of 3264 X 2448, which you can filter with Photoshop or GIMP to obtain similar effects, print one off, and then scale the picture down to 1200 Pixels and re-save for Sharing.

Will I ever get back to "real photography" again?

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