Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Of My Better Efforts

This picture goes way back to 2007 and I've often thought it to be one of my best. It was taken at a local Multi-Cultural event, and it was a stroke of pure luck. I simply had the camera on Burst mode, which wasn't particularly fast with the point and shoot digital camera I had at that time. I ended up with a sequence of 5 pictures, all of which were forgettable, except this one. This is a great example of "Decisive Moment"!

From this time on, I've always kept my camera set to Burst Mode, even for single shots. This is a great tip which greatly increases the opportunity to capture a decisive moment. Just remember, in Burst, your camera will still take single shots as long as you don't hold the shutter down.

One peculiarity of this picture is the way the dancer has a translucent outline around her - another happy accident that was a result of not using the flash, so the shutter speed was slow, resulting in her motion not being completely stopped by the camera, but just enough to add this beautiful painterly quality to the photo.

Honestly, I'd find it near to impossible to take a picture quite like this again.

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