Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Photography

I recently discovered I have a good fan of this Blog - a great guy named Mohammed Nasir, the proprietor of the Chile and Olive Grocery in Saint John, New Brunswick. More than just a grocery store specializing in foods of Asia and the Middle East, you can sample wonderfully delicious daily specials made from those goods in their very own kitchen in a simple, well lit and clean dining room. Here is the Butter Chicken with Yoghurt Cucumber Salad. Have you ever seen so much rice on a plate??? The rice alone is superbly done up with spices and nuts, and the idea is to add the Butter Chicken with sauce over the top. I was told this is their mildest curry dish, but I was thankful that I had the Yoghurt salad to cool things down when needed!

Food photography is just such a natural thing to do with a Smart Phone Camera, whether dining out or at home - the only thing you have to remember is to do it! I usually remember after I take the first bite, and if it's wonderful, then I'll recall - I simply must take a photo of this!!

I could've done better for this one - I had a bit of a family reunion going on and wasn't paying particular attention to my photography, and the fact that the camera was too close. But the thing about food photography, I think should be more about the food itself, than the actual picture. It should make you WANT IT!

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