Sunday, June 3, 2012

Event Photography

To cover events such as Cat Shows, or almost any other entertainment, enthusiast, sport, or music event, is the main reason when decent equipment is required. All such occasions require a camera that can capture in low light without flash without excessive noise (grain), catch a decisive moment by firing the shutter instantaneously, stop moving objects without blur, focus very quickly on the subject, get up close to the subject from a distance, all the while being reasonably compact, lightweight, and no-fuss. This is a tall order, and I can guarantee that if you like to take pictures at public events, the only type of camera that is truly up to the task, and will give you the most "keepers" is the Reflex Camera. If you're doing Digital, this means a DSLR. It also means you'll need a Telephoto Zoom lens.

Good DSLR packages with two lenses (one normal, one Telephoto) can be had now for under $1000.00 brand new, and as photo enthusiasts are frequently upgrading, you can pick up used gear for half that price or less any day of the week. Case in point - I got my Canon EOS 40D and the amazing old EF 70-210mm f4 Lens for a grand total of $350.00! I am all about cheap! That's why I'm here doing this Blog - to encourage my friends to take the best pictures possible without tying up a whole lot of your hard earned cash.

Please click here and enjoy the cats! All pictures were taken with the gear mentioned above, with my camera's ISO (same as "ASA" used to be for film) set at 800 or 1600, with the exception of the first few shots, for which I used my Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 - f4 Lens (my big exception to "cheap")

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