Saturday, June 9, 2012

Well, So Much for Cheap!

Last time, I mentioned "I'm all about cheap". Sadly, my wonderful EOS 40D bit the dust! The previous owner sold it to me at a really good price, and we both knew the shutter count was over 100,000 when I bought it, and I was willing to take the risk. I got almost a year of shooting from one of Canon's best ever cameras, so I can't complain, really. The new shutter assembly can be installed professionally for $350, and it's well worth it with this camera, but I decided instead to replace it with a new EOS 7D. Although I'm no longer "on the cheap", I'm glad I did this - it's one truly amazing camera! Henry's had a great Father's Day deal going, so that helped. Above is a sample shot that I was able to take as soon as I first charged the battery.

I won't go into all the technicalities, because if you're interested in that stuff, you can read this link. But what I do want to talk about is the "ways and means" of camera marketing these days. Everything is about product placement now. The natural evolution of the EOS 40D should be the new EOS 60D, and when I went into Henry's, that is what I was pretty sure I wanted to buy, although I had the 7D in the back of my mind, especially with the Father'd Day deal, the price difference wasn't that great. But once I got the 60D in my hand, I couldn't believe how BAD it was!! Canon has seriously downgraded this range of cameras all in the interest of product placement. Whereas the 40D feels solid as a brick, the new 60D is now cheap plastic that has gaps in the seams! Sure, it has lots of great new features, like a rotating Display LCD, (something I'd love to have), but it just felt like in less than a year, the rotating gizmo would break and fall off just like a lobster's claw! I wasn't long asking the sales guy to get a 7D in my hands, and from that very second, I knew I'd have to buy the 7D. Like the old 40D, it feels brick solid, with it's metal construction, but even more so,  with a professional degree of weather and dust sealing. So as long as you can get one at a good sale price, it is the 7D that is a natural replacement and upgrade for the 40D... stay away from the 60D, unless you absolutely must have it's consumer-friendly features. Remember that Canon now only makes two cameras that cost more than the 7D, and one of those is purpose-built for professional reporters (the 1D Series).

So, I do expect to be making a lot more pictures... and movies... from now on!

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