Friday, July 20, 2012

Ahead of Its Time

I spotted this early 1970's Citroen DS in Moncton two evenings ago, and it was such an unusual sight that I parked behind it and took a few pics of it with my Smartphone Camera. This picture reveals something that cannot help but be noticed - that's my 2010 VW Golf SportWagon parked behind it. I find it quite amazing how similar the design of the front of the Golf is to this old Citroen... especially the headlamps and the shape of the fenders leading to the hood. The Golf is not a whole lot different from the styling of a lot of cars these days, so could it be that many car makers are now borrowing from the iconic style of this 40+ year old design from France?

Citroen used to import these cars into the US and Canada, ending in 1972, largely because of the "non-standard" headlamp design. Interesting how things slowly come around here in North America! Here are a couple of other pictures - enjoy!

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