Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to Know You're Taking It Too Seriously

In spite of all my recent talk about RAW Converters, it means nothing if you don't have anything worthwhile to convert, right? To be honest, I'm not even sure of myself - do I have anything worthwhile to make a print from, either to try and sell, or even give away as a birthday gift to someone?  I asked this question to myself recently - the first sign that you're taking it all too seriously is when you talk to yourself, especially if you answer back. I am considering another big purchase (which is the second sign) of a wide format printer to get myself started in making good prints to somehow "offer", probably from an addition to this website. So I challenged myself with this question - how many photos do I really own that would be worth advertising as prints? As I started combing through my collection, I  went back to the RAW files for certain ones that I thought might be good enough, and re-converted them to a more print-friendly scheme, and saved them in a folder simply called "Prints". I soon realized, there aren't very many that I would consider "good enough", but so far, I do have a half dozen set aside - enough to convince me that my printer purchase isn't viable quite yet, but someday might be.

Then it dawned on me - although making prints to sell is something I would love to do, it's just a part of the whole. It could easily become a rat hole that would get so all consuming, photography wouldn't be fun for me any more. The picture above of the guy on the Zip Line is one example of a picture I would not consider print-worthy, but yet represents the larger part of why I like taking pictures. The simple art of capturing a moment when it happens is the biggest reason why I take pictures. So far, I'm finding that maybe one out of five-hundred of these would qualify for selling - the rest is just for sharing.

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