Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everything To The Max At The Beach

Have you ever been to a beach on a rainy and foggy day? We always think of a trip to the beach on a sunny day, but when there is a "rain or shine" sandcastle competition happening, thousands will end up on the beach in the fog and rain. This past weekend, there was such an event held at the Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park, and I got lots of pictures, but didn't manage to stay through the whole time.

Because of the weather conditions resulting in pictures like this-
Dull and Lifeless

- I thought I'd try something different, and set my camera to "Ken Rockwell Style". Ken is known for his extremely strong use of colour, among other things. He likes to shoot only JPEG, and gets his highly saturated pictures straight from the camera, so after taking a couple of test shots and seeing what effect the fog and rain would have on my pictures, I set up a User Style simply by cranking the Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation sliders "to the max" right in my camera. Keep in mind this is the Canon DSLR way of doing it (all Canon DSLR's, even the least expensive of the Digital Rebel series does it this way - I assume there is another way of doing this with most other cameras within the set-up menu).

Aside from using this special "Style Setting", I was using my really ancient Canon EF 70-210 f4.0 Zoom lens (Serial Number dated for 1987) - a great lens - even Ken said so. Also, Aperture Priority set at f6.7, ISO 400, Evaluative Metering, Single Spot Auto-Focus and Medium JPEG (no RAW).

I must admit - I REALLY REALLY like the way these turned out! The colours are a bit exaggerated, but I'm really impressed by the way with these extreme settings, the camera literally cut through the fog.  I wouldn't use this set-up all the time, like KR does, but it really works wonders in dull gray weather.

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