Friday, August 31, 2012

Now We're Talking!!

Best Idea Since...

I think somebody has finally invented what I've been looking for. Samsung has just announced their GALAXY Camera. Are they really the first corporation to come up with a device like this? I know that WiFi Cameras have been around for awhile, but what about one with the full Android OS, 3G / 4G communication, and a 20X Optical Zoom lens? Furthermore, a device that does so much and remains TRULY pocketable. There are lots of small cameras out there, but once you get a 20X Zoom stuck on it, "pocketable" becomes questionable!

I expect the camera performance of this game-changer to be truly exceptional - not in the sense of ultimate DSLR image quality, but in other meaningful ways. It does have OPTICAL Image Stabilization, a "Digicam" sized sensor (bigger than a Smartphone sensor), the lens is f2.8 - 5.9, like most big Travel-Zooms these days, max. ISO is 3200, so I expect "reasonable" performance would be similar to any compact at ISO 800... need I go on?

The real beauty of this device is in it's full-blown on-board Operating System and communication capability. Immediate storage of all your pictures on a Cloud service as soon as you take the picture, and ultimate availability of all Android Photo Editing Apps right in your hand - not the ultimate toolset for "serious photography", but then, I'm not always about serious photography, am I? 

I love my Samsung Galaxy S II camera. I took the "not bad" picture above with it, and I'm sure everyone is now fully aware that iPhone and Android Device Cameras are capable enough and lots of fun. Samsung is going to take this to a new, previously unknown level - a high performance sub-compact camera that also has everything else Android has to offer along with it, except for ... well, a telephone! And I expect this won't be to far behind, that is pretty obvious. 

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