Thursday, August 9, 2012

Talkin' Cameras, Again


I just shot this with my smartphone camera, which still never ceases to amaze me. Whether it's Apple or Android (I mention this because it's big news this week - they're starting to get real nasty to each other), it doesn't matter - these little gadgets are hot hot hot!

At the same time I admit, I'm having a bit of a second thoughts thing happening this week, concerning the 7D. I'm finding it too big, and, especially with my recent upgrade to Firmware 2.0, I'm asking myself - "why am I owning a camera with which I'll never use half of what it is capable of?" As for being too big, actually it's no bigger than my previous 40D, which suffered an expensive breakdown, yet I didn't seem so concerned walking about with that camera. So, what's really going on? I think I know. I only paid $275 for the 40D, second hand, but the 7D was $1150 (brand new, taxes in, great bargain). The cheapskate in me is feeling the weight of spent money hanging around my neck, that's what it is.

I keep going back to the biggest reasons I bought this camera - 1) the amazing viewfinder - something I can't do without for my "serious" photography, especially as I'm usually using manual focus lenses, and 2) the unbeatable build quality. I have this camera with event shooting in mind, which makes perfect sense, as neither a smartphone camera, nor a compact, are capable of dealing with the indoor / no flash allowed events which I go to. For this purpose, the 7D is exactly the right camera.

But what about between events? It's my walk-about shooting which is bothering me so much. For this, the 7D is too much camera in both size and sophistication, and the smartphone, wonderful as it is, has obvious limitations. 

Knowing that in the past, I did my best walkabout shooting by far with a Zorki-4, I'm considering a return to film for my second camera. I still have my Spotmatic, for which all my lenses are compatible, but I still would like something more compact and less conspicuous. I could get another Trip-35 (mine is now broken), but I think this is what I really want. 

I've also made up my mind that if I go to film for my walkabouts, it would be strictly black and white. It is my opinion that digital does not do B&W nearly as well as film does. After so many years, only Leica has bothered to make a dedicated B&W digital camera, the ridiculously unaffordable M-Monochrom 

I'm going to walk before I can run however. First will be a purchase of a roll of Ilford which I will use in my Spotmatic, which I will have to get processed at Ivan's in Moncton - just to see if I can really get into this seriously - digital has me so spoiled, I need to rediscover the merits of "real photography" I guess. If the results really pull me in, then will come the Rollei 35, and maybe even a simple darkroom setup.

Could this be the beginning of another adventure?

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