Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Around Where You Live

 Non-Kitch B&W

Non-Kitch Color

Non-Charming Kitch - A Regional Museum

Charming Kitch - Gift Shop and Owner

The part of the world where you live will always be your most interesting place to take great pictures. Sometimes, we look longingly at on-line photographs taken by other people in "exotic" locations like Greece, France or Bali, and may never give it a thought that these same people are looking longingly at our on-line albums, thinking about what an exotic part of the world we live in. The exotic place is simply the unfamiliar place.

The trick is, to find the tourist destinations closest to you - that's right - look for those kitchey tourist trap areas and then look for scenes that TRULY reveal the history, way of life and geography of the place. Put on the "kitch filter" - that's my preference, or, kitch can be your subject if you'd prefer, but go for "charming kitch". It doesn't matter, really, because if a certain stretch of highway is a tourist destination, there is always a good reason behind it, kitch or no kitch.

This part of the world, (Atlantic Provinces of Canada) is a tourist destination in its entirety. The cities are small and interesting, the oceans are breathtaking, and the landscape for the most part consists of the north-eastern extreme of the Appalachian Mountain Range. This is what I was trying to capture here - the rich multi-cultural way of life that was once experienced by our Celtic, Acadian and German settlers - a way of life that is now history, but recent enough that you can still find it, preserved intact. Here is where I collect my pictures of what I call NorthEast Appalachia.

So go ahead, grab your camera - any old camera will do, and take a day trip.

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