Saturday, September 29, 2012


I may be violating some Blog Ethics here, but I can't believe what this person has done:

Like one commenter stated - "these are his photos and he can do what he likes with them" - I fully agree. But to call this a "Camera Review"?? At first, I thought who would want a camera that makes such a complete hash out of photos. But then it dawned on me - the photos were very heavily overprocesed. That's fine, if you're into this particular look. I used some Pseudo -HDR myself in my previous entry about the skateboard park. But my topic here was "Composition". I wasn't giving a camera review - for that, you need to see "straight out of camera" shots. This writer William Jusuf didn't provide a single picture that reveals the qualities of the Ricoh GRDIV.

Just sayin'

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