Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rock Star Photographers

From Lou Reed's "Romanticism"

From Bryan Adam's Very Generous Website

Something caught my attention in this morning's TV news. It was a brief interview with Bryan Adams about the release of his new photo book "Exposed". Looking at Bryan's website, I found it to be absolutely overflowing with wonderful photographs by him. Go here, then click on "Photos" at the top for a complete list. Thinking these images look awesomely good, and how each screen of photos takes a while to load up, I was curious as to what resolution Bryan actually posted these up here with, so I downloaded one. Upon opening it, I found it to be 6.4 MB! I could enlarge it on my screen to 200% before seeing any significant dithering. It seems what we have here is a wonderfully generous offering of hundreds of Bryan Adam's best photos in a fully enjoyable on-screen high resolution.

Another rock star I was fully aware is also a photographer is Lou Reed, as I'm a bit of a Lou fan. Lou Reed, of course, entered right into New York's art scene through his music in Andy Warhol's Factory, and was fully engaged as a songwriter/ poet/ musician/ singer, but in that scene at that time, was also immersed in film making, writing, art and photography - everything that was going on around Andy Warhol. It turns out that Lou is still very active in all of these disciplines. Lou's latest photo exhibition is called Romanticism. Here's a quote I found about his photography:

“I love photography. I love digital. I love digital. It’s what I’d always wished for. Being in the camera and experiencing the astonishing accomplishment of the creations of life sparked through the beauty of the detailed startling power of the glass lens. A new German lens brings a mist to me. The colors and light I come to see through the beauty of the camera. A love that lasts forever is the love of the lens of sharpness – of spirit warmth and depth and feeling. It makes my body pour emotion into the heartbeat of the world. A great trade and exchange. I think of the camera as my soul. Much like a guitar. My lovely Alpa has rosewood grips. What more could you need?"

What more indeed? Obsession perhaps? An Alpa is the Rolex of cameras, and it's a treat to come across what a famous rock star can do with one.

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