Saturday, November 10, 2012

All About Results You're Happy With

Zenit 11 - A Camera I Owned In 2008

One of Many Pictures I Took With It

Once every so often I go back through my Flickr Photostream to look for photos that no longer mean much, or to the contrary, the ones that I might want to re-inspire me. In 2008, I had a major surgery that helped correct a health condition that I have to live with called Dystonia. And even though '08 was one year of great suffering that led to getting that surgery with great urgency in September, it's interesting to me that it was also a year of some of my best photographic creativity. For most of the year, I was shooting nothing but 35mm film with Russian cameras, and then after the surgery, feeling so much better, I thought I would switch gears and bought my first DSLR - a Canon Rebel XS, which is now my wife's camera. Now, keep in mind I shoot on the cheap - that is mostly what this Blog is about, and so I sold my Russian cameras, but kept any M42 screw-mount lenses that would work on my new Canon via an adapter, to help finance my new Digital purchase. We're only talking hundreds of dollars here! That's the way I roll, don't forget!

One of the Russian SLR's I was quite happy with was a "brand new" Zenit-11. Yes, brand new, likely New Old Stock (NOS). This is just the kind of camera that scratches me where I itch - totally mechanical operation, no batteries, and, although not at all necessary, this one had a built in Selenium light meter which via a metering scale on top, helped with correctly setting shutter speeds and apertures.  It all worked fabulously.

Back then, and it wasn't that long ago, I was so absolutely keen on film photography, mostly because I was always so pleased with the results I was getting, because up until then, I was only using point and shoot digitals. There was obviously no comparison at that time between full-frame film and the baby-fingernail sized sensors used in those earlier point and shoots. Things have advanced in the past for years with the smaller sensors, but there is still a certain beauty that only film can convey, which I've never been able to replicate with even one of the best APS Format DSLR's.

And so, I am once again going GaGa for film - this time Medium Format is simply blowing me away with it's quality capabilities. Right now, I am not even thinking about digital photography, except for transient jobs. Maybe it's just a phase, but it's what I want to do, simply because I want that certain look - the look that invites the viewer into the picture, as only film can.

Here is my expanded and growing "Film" Set on Flickr for you to enjoy.

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