Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rolling Rollei Review - Tribute

In the aftermath of my Mom's passing, I have much to do, and at the same time, am feeling understandably sad and weakened... so the last thing I ought to be doing is writing camera reviews. Yet, my site stats here are showing that I've gained a committed audience, and so I can offer this brief Post today.

Oh yes - also this is a notice that I am now hosting this site from, with a big thank you to my oldest son for completely setting this up for me! You might want to change your bookmarks.

I took these pictures of  the demolition of Wesley Memorial United Church in Moncton NB with the Rolleiflex, and I may have a lot more to say about this in days to come, as I regain my emotions and time. This was the church I attended in my childhood, often with my mother and sister, often by myself, and strangely, I still have dreams about walking through it's basement corridors among the Sunday School rooms, from the new part of the complex - the Church Hall, where I attended Boy Scouts, through into the old original structure. I am saddened to see it go!

As for the Rolleiflex camera, well, I'll just say for now that these pictures demonstrate the remarkable light control offered by the camera I had mentioned before, with gentle roll-off of highlights and overexposure. The centre picture in particular was "impossible" due to very harsh late morning sunlight - a lens hood would have been proper here, and yet, this turned into a demonstration of one of the camera's great strengths - one which I will incorporate more into my style as I use this camera.

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