Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Score!

 Mamiya / Sekor SX 200mm f3.5

Rexagon 23mm f3.5

Yesterday, I added a couple of beauties to my Lens Collection. These were actually advertised on the bulletin board of our local supermarket (imagine!). I guess there's no shortage of the '60's vintage m42 (Pentax Thread mount) lenses out there. 

The Mamiya / Sekor 200 is redundant with my Pentax Takumar 200, except the Mamiya is a bit faster, at f3.5, with the Takumar being f4. I seldom use Telephoto lenses - both of these would be 320mm on my Digital SLR, with it's crop factor of 1.6X, but I would love to compare the image quality of these two giants. Expect that real soon. 

The one I am really excited about is the Rexagon 23mm. This is a super wide angle, built much the same as my Mir-20, although considerably more compact. I've been looking forever for something around 24mm, as this would make for an ideal focal length of ~35mm on my "cropper". To be exact, the 23mm equates to 36.8mm. Both of these lenses are in very used condition, although they function perfectly, they need a good cleaning. They are both 100% metal construction - not a hint of plastic anywhere.

My cost was $30 each - hard to beat. Typical current Ebay "Buy It Now" prices are $160 for the Mamiya, and $100 for the Rexagon. In the real world, these will never sell at these prices, but I see it as a good indicator that I didn't overpay. 

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