Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Year for This Blog!

Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar 35, f3.5

Welcome to the celebration of the first anniversary of this website! Although officially my first Post was on Feb. 21 of 2012, I had been doing some photography related blogging on somebody else's site just before that. Anyway, I figure today is a good day to celebrate, because I've also just broken through 12,000 Page Views today! On average then, I'm tracking at 1000 Views per Month. That's probably not a whole lot of hits in the grand scheme of things, but honestly, it is a lot more than I was expecting. It means that I have a growing reading audience; now I'd like to see more interaction from my readers. I've gotten very few comments from people over the past year, and only a handful of actual followers. I would love to see this "ramp up" through 2013, but this depends on you. If you haven't already done so, please click on the "Join This Site" button just to the right. The only impact this will have on you is an extra email or two each day I create a new Post.

Now, how about spicing things up a bit with some lively discussion too? I really welcome your comments, positive or negative. Much more, I value anything that adds to the knowledge contained on this site, and that cannot all come from me.. I still know next to nothing. Case in point - almost a year ago, I made this statement:

"I now hate film, in spite of the tremendous successes I had with it. I'm on my sixth Digital Camera now, actually my third DSLR - a Canon EOS 40D which I just bought used at an amazingly low price. I truly believe that digital is the way to go - there are so many advantages, I cannot fathom that I would ever shoot a roll of film again."

Now, I can't believe I actually said that! Surely this alone should create some lively debate? I now embrace film photography as my preferred medium, and have talked a lot about it here in the later months of last year. Even what I said about "tremendous successes"... hmmm.. no gallery exhibits, no books, no real fame, even within my own small town... not exactly a success story. I think I was on a high at that time, knowing that I was soon going to retire and enter a life of leisure. I can see now that what I meant was that in the past, I achieved results with film that I was proud of - that may be the beginning of my success, I suppose, to be happy with some of my own work. I am also happy with a lot of my digital photos too.

I think I talk about equipment here more than I really want to, or originally intended. Strange, how all of the biggest names in photo blogging all say "the equipment doesn't matter", and yet, what do they talk about most of the time? Equipment! So then, I suppose that I'm "on-trend". Equipment has certainly become a big part of it, and I'm resolved that it needs to be talked about, and the picture making public wants to read discussion about equipment - there's no getting away from it.

I'm always about "photography on the cheap", so while the big boys get to review the $10,000 cameras, because the manufacturers loan the latest and greatest to them to use for a few weeks, to get their "unbiased opinions", I obviously can't do that. But what I can do is buy film cameras for less than $10 each in some cases, try them out, show you the results and write about it. And I do know that every time I look at film pictures taken with cheap cameras on Flickr, I smile a lot; and I smile less so when looking at digital pictures.

Last year at this time, I had just bought a second hand EOS 40D, and was genuinely happy with it. Then it broke, and I opted for a brand new EOS 7D to replace it. I've been frustrated with that decision ever since and am quite close to concluding that it's not the camera for me. Add to that, I'm enjoying my film experiences a lot more, and am truly blown away by the results I can get by scanning my own film negatives. Not that I'd give up on owning a DSLR - they're perfect for low light situations especially, and I much prefer the immediacy of digital when shooting at summer fairs, music festivals, cat shows, etc. But I found the 40D to be much better for me than the 7D is proving to be, in giving immediate good results with much less work. Not sure yet why that is... it just is.

So, help me celebrate - click "Join", and please feel very free to voice your opinions below. And thanks to all of you who helped make my first year a good start!

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