Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where I Grew Up

Corner of West and South St., Moncton NB

This post is very simple and short today - no comparisons, no technical stuff about cameras - just some pictures around the part of the City of Moncton where I spent my childhood. They're all shot with the FED-5B with Industar-61 Lens. The old 2 Flat house I grew up in is shown above, and it's been changed over quite a bit. It used to have a full width front veranda, with doors for the upper and lower flats on the front - now it appears to have either been converted to a single dwelling, or the door to the lower flat was added to the side, which I think more likely, because the remaining front door is definitely in the place where the stairs were to the upper flat - unless the staircase was re-oriented with a turn at the bottom.

The rest of the photos can be found here. There are some pics of the streets I walked or biked, ad the Elementary School I attended.

Life seemed so much simpler then.

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