Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Probably Saw This Coming

Self Portrait With EOS 600D, In-Camera "Grainy B/W"

Yeah I did it. I traded my EOS 7D... for a EOS 600D, also known as the Rebel T3i. I found a person who wanted to upgrade, and we did the swap at real market value, which is, as I said before, the real world bidding on Ebay, which is a reflection of what people are willing to pay at any given time. The going top bids for the 7D are now $850 plus shipping, and the 600D is going for $400. This shows that the 7D has lost almost half it's value, based on original price, but the 600D has only lost about a third. This is typical of luxury goods I suppose - the high end tends to depreciate in the real market a lot faster. 

So, please note - this does not mean I bought a new camera, for those who are holding me to my New Years resolution. Instead, I downgraded and ended up with some cash!

So, why would anybody want to downgrade? Well, as you can see from my picture, I'm a kind of "independent", and I do whatever I want. In comparing the two cameras, it's too soon to see if the 600D is really going to work out better for me in terms of picture quality. In theory, it should be the same, as both cameras use the same 18 MegaPixel sensor. In practice, with the few shots I've made, including a few of our new kitten "Larry", I think I'm going to be much more pleased at least with the way the 600D creates JPEG's in-camera.

(JPG Straight From Camera, cropped square)

For now, I'll just mention a few things that I've lost and gained with this swap (aside from gaining the cash). In giving up the 7D, I've lost:

  • Professional, weather sealed build quality
  • Best Viewfinder on any APS-C type DSLR
  • Ability to mix combo's of small, medium and large RAW + JPEG files
  • Faster Autofocus in Live Mode
  • Compact Flash cards (I love these big old things!)
  • In-Camera RAW to JPEG conversion
  • Top panel Info-LCD
  • Dual control dials

With the 600D, I've actually gained a few things:

  • Very small and lightweight - actually pocket-able with the EF40mm "pancake" lens
  • Fully articulating LCD screen - that's how I was able to take my self-portrait
  • A few in-camera "creative filters", including the "Grainy B/W" you see above - this is quite film-like.
  • Initial results - possible better JPEGs

Things that are the same:

  • 18 MP resolution
  • Same ISO 100 to 12800
  • Same LCD resolution
  • Same in-camera Lighting Optimization and High Tone Priority
  • Live View

Especially because I prefer small and light over big and professional, I think the 600D is more the right camera for me, and it'll give me the very same High ISO / low light performance that I need for shooting the cat shows and summer festivals - the excellent specs of the 7D are exactly the same as in the 600D. If I had replaced my broken 40D for one of these in the first place last summer, I wouldn't have taken that big hit on the depreciation.

This is definitely the camera I should have bought.

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