Friday, April 12, 2013

Attaining Quality Over Quantity

EOS 650 Film Camera, EF 70-210 f4 Zoom, Fuji Superia ISO 800

I find it extremely difficult to refrain from showing the large quantity of pictures I take, especially with so many on-line galleries available, like Flickr and Picasa. It's common now for people to shoot hundreds of photos per week, which makes photography, including video one of the most popular means of expression ever. This is wonderful to see so many people discovering a creative outlet, and for the most part, it appears that most people are displaying their best works on-line, and attaining for themselves a way to raise quality over quantity. I think most people out there taking pictures have already discovered their own sense of what is best for display. However, there are so many people doing it, the result is that everybody's photographs are getting swallowed up in the vast ocean of everybody else's work.

To rise a little bit higher, one must find a way of distinguishing him / herself and get involved in a tighter market, I believe. I've done the former, but have yet to do the latter. My way of distinguishing myself is to exercise my best work using historic equipment - I either use film cameras, or adapt "film lenses" on my digital camera. Both techniques succeed in contributing to my personal style. However, I still haven't "paid my dues". By that I mean I still haven't taken my images further, than Flickr... or this Blog. Two ways I can think of to accomplish this would be to enter Photo Contests, and to put up a display in local Art Galleries.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep on doing (and hopefully improving) what I do. These are a few of my latest shots using the Canon EOS 650 (film SLR):

EOS 650, EF40 STM Lens, Fuji Superia ISO 800

 EOS 650, EF40 STM Lens, Fuji Superia ISO 800

EOS 650, EF40 STM Lens, Fuji Superia ISO 800

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