Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Too Good to Pass Up

EOS 650 Film Camera

I broke my New Year resolution, and bought another camera. However, if it were considered as a replacement for this one, then it's not so bad. And besides, it's hard to beat $40 with flash, never-ready case and a quality camera bag included.

I try to keep a tight lid on the size of my collection, and seeing that I was firmly set on my Spotmatic being the principle SLR film camera, given my good collection of M42 lenses that fit it, I saw little need to keep the EOS 55, so I sold it on Ebay.

I think I've come out better for it.. the EOS 55 was very nice, especially as I had the rare Japanese model with a boat-load of feature, but this one, the EOS 650 - I find it even more endearing - a much nicer grip, better construction, and a limited feature set that still manages to accomplish the essentials - there's scarcely a knob or button on this camera, yet it has very clever ways to set it's shooting modes on the fly. Also, it is a historic camera, being the very first model from Canon sporting it's new "EF" System of automatic focus lenses, which are exactly the same as those still in use today.

I should have some test shots to show tomorrow.
'Til then...

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