Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Abandoned City Centres

EOS 650, EF 28-105 usm, Fuji Superia 800 ISO

This is a bit of a continuation of yesterday's Post... the theme being that nothing is really the same as it used to be. I had some time to kill this past Saturday in the city where I grew up, once called "The Hustling Hub City", because of it's busy rail connections. This is a rather attractive rail-road bridge in the very centre of town; naturally the train is absent, but while leisurely walking around, I couldn't help notice how I was walking through a ghost town - everything else was absent too! The only thing working was the traffic light, and even that didn't matter - Green in all directions would've been OK.

When I was a kid in the 1960's, this corner would've been jammed with traffic and people, chances are good there would've been a train on the bridge, and shop doors would've been open for business on a Saturday afternoon. My idea for these pictures was to punctuate just how wonderfully alone I felt in these moments - to have no people or cars; nothing but a deserted street. I had plenty of time to compose the pictures with no signs of life in view.

I have a strong preference for abstractions, textures and light, so if these shots seem void of a subject, all you have to do is shift your view a little bit to realize that textures and light are usually my only preferred subject matter. Added to that are the distant memories of noises and smells that no longer exist - back when it was OK that cars made each their own sound and when music was blaring from shop windows... or it was OK when trucks, trains and buses belched black soot and sulphur. I guess the world's a much cleaner place now, but not nearly as interesting somehow.

We must always keep things in perspective, however. Most of the world's population would long for an environment that is as clean and safe as the Main Street of Hustling Hub is today.

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