Thursday, May 2, 2013

Construction Site Photography

Rolleiflex Automat, Fuji Pro-120 400 Film
I love the way the sunlight was being caught on the sign here.

Finding good subject matter is an especially hard challenge, especially in a small town. But wouldn't the most exciting thing be the construction of a brand new "Centre For The Arts" on the Mount Allison Campus? I decided it would be a great idea, and I happened to have a fresh roll of Fuji Pro-120 in the old Rolleiflex. Construction activity always presents challenges and opportunities for some really unusual compositions, it turns out.

The biggest challenge with the Rolleiflex is it's fixed moderately wide angle lens. You need to get up close and personal with it, or be simply satisfied with the abstractions of a wider view.

The Medium Format film used in the Rolleiflex gives a Negative that's about 4 times bigger than "full frame" 35mm, and therefore it can take everything you throw at it - incredible tonal range that requires no messing around with exposure in post-processing. It just happens naturally. All of the post-processing I did here involved correcting the perspective and cropping, which is typically required when photographing architecture with a wide angle lens.

He's looking right at me very curiously

Light and shadow are adding their own things to the composition

A Pedestrian's Perspective

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