Friday, May 3, 2013

Rolleiflex Versus Phone Camera

 Number 1

Number 2

One of these was taken with my Rolleiflex TLR with Fuji 120 - Pro-400 film, and the other with my Samsung Galaxy S-II Smartphone Camera. I didn't try to hard to get the exact same composition, which is difficult anyway because of the old TLR's slightly vague framing lines ("vague" simply means that I don't quite know enough to figure them out). Exact same composition would've been nice, but I was really concentrating on getting the correct exposure and focus with the old Rollei, both of which on the Samsung being of course automatic. Can you tell which is which?

I would expect seasoned photographers who have that visually experienced sixth sense will see this as a no-brainer, and get it right at first glance. Others, who only have experience with Digital, might have some difficulty. I'm kind of in-between, neither a well seasoned film pro, but not a complete "digital dummy" either, and - here's a small clue --- I was quite surprised, even when knowing which is which. My surprise is actually how reasonably good the phone camera is.

Take your best guess and reply below.


  1. 1 - Phone, 2 - Rolleiflex
    There is grain structure in image 2.


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