Monday, June 17, 2013

Now This Is Really Cool...

July 2012, EOS 7D, Bushnell 28mm f2.8

June 2013, EOS 600D, Rexagon 23mm, f3.5

I tend to repeat subject matter. Yesterday, I did an in-depth review of a rare Rexagon 23mm Lens by doing a typical small town walk-about. In that review, I had mentioned how similar the lens is to an equally rare 28mm Bushnell Lens I've got. Then, just today, I recalled that I had not only done the same tour, but also took a lot of the same pictures with the two lenses. Here's another pair:

July 2012, EOS 7D, Bushnell 28mm f2.8

June 2013, EOS 600D, Rexagon 23mm, f3.5

Two different cameras are involved here - the professional grade EOS 7D which I ended up not liking very much, and so exchanged it for the EOS 600D (Rebel T3i) that I now have, and really do prefer. The two cameras use exactly the same 18 Megapixel sensor. But, this is not a camera comparison; it's a vintage wide angle lens comparison. The first two pics (the Blue Bike in No Parking Zone) are so similar, I'd have to say the comparison is extremely meaningful. These lenses are without a doubt kissing cousins, probably made in the same Japanese factory in the 1970's. The only difference I'm seeing is the change in Focal length--- it's as if I was standing on the very same spot taking these two pictures. The Bushnell may be showing slightly better contrast, but maybe this comes down to the cameras - it may be that the 7D, which is double the price of the 600D, somehow produces better contrast, but I doubt it.

The second pair might just show the real clue. Last year, I took the shot with the sun overhead, putting more of the building in shadow. This year, I was a little smarter, and made sure the sun was more over my shoulder, giving the face of the building the benefit of more direct sunlight, and not having a partial washout from shooting more toward the sunlight. Although the 7D managed the high contrast rather well, the photo taken this year shows much truer colour, because it's not getting lost in the shadows.

This is a good pair of lenses; both with very useful walk-around Focal Length on an APS sized DSLR. I'm glad I own them.

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