Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation Snapshots

Colourful Peggys Cove, NS
EOS Elan-7, Kodak Gold 200

Summer- always the most prolific picture taking time for those of us in northern climes. There's a rare beauty to be found everywhere - whether it's in a hot congested big city, or in the preserved sea-coast towns of the Atlantic - the opportunities for snap-shots abound everywhere during vacation season. Being retired, I'm always "on vacation", but also being on a fixed income, I seldom take trips too far from home. Fortunately, there's plenty of summer beauty not too far from where I live, in pretty much every direction.

As an old school snapshot enthusiast, I don't mind creating my own take on places and things that have been shot millions of times by Happy Snapper Tourists. Among the best places here in Atlantic Canada, we find Peggys Cove and Lunenburg Nova Scotia. There are also many Historic Preservation Sites, and this year, we discovered the Ross Farm, with it's two centuries of history kept and acted out wonderfully. I won't get into an equipment discussion here - simply enjoy the photos for what they are. My aesthetic is almost always to take a step back into time, with a sentimental nostalgia - a lot like most Atlantic Canadians I suppose.

Peggys Cove, by Beth Gallant
Pentax Zoom 90, Kodak Gold 200

My sister Beth Gallant came along with us on this little adventure. She's not a photo hobbyist, but I gave her the use of my two Pentax Zoom-90's for the trip. She didn't do to bad with them!

My spouse Kathy was also her usual snapping self, with a huge album of lovely shots.

Hope you enjoy!

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