Monday, August 26, 2013

Post 301- Just One More Comparison

EOS Elan-7, EF 40 f2.8, Kodak Ultramax 400

EOS Rebel T3i, EF 28-105 Lens

Not much commentary this time. This is a scene out behind a B&B we stayed in at Chezecook, NS last weekend. The film shot is straight from my scanner and the digital shot is straight from my DSLR. For my eyes, this just speaks for itself - enough that I've actually sold my DSLR (the T3i).

Film photography simply gives me so much more satisfaction... with one caveat - I'm not sure how a good Full Frame DSLR would compare here - it might be every bit as good as film, and I'm certainly convinced that a Full Frame Nikon or Canon would blow the doors off a Canon T3i, but I can't afford the price of finding out.  Meanwhile, I'll continue in total enjoyment of my "Full Frame" Canon Elan-7, which I got for $90 including a battery grip.

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