Tuesday, March 25, 2014

George's Last Days - Another End of an Era

All Pictures Shot With Lumix DMC-LX5
Along with the disappearing landmark of Radio Canada, Sackville is losing another friendly face. George's Roadhouse and Kitchen, the only establishment of it's kind in Sackville, will be closing on April 1st. George's is a place located directly across from the (also closed) Via Rail Sackville Train Station, not to mention that the remains of the old burnt down Enterprise Foundry is literally in the backyard of George's.

This small building is what it looks like now from the outside:

Indoors, there is an old painted monument of what was it's former grandeur:

At one time, George's was a three story Canadian Pacific Hotel located next to the Foundry's water tower, a stop-over place for rail travelers, which also offered lunches for the hard workers at the Enterprise Foundry. What remains may look like an over sized mobile home from the outside, but plenty of space is offered inside to enjoy draft beer, and big plates of pure Canadian comfort food.

But unquestionably, George's real claim to fame is the ongoing appearance of some great musicians, and I'm told that "the joint" will remain open for these live performances only.

Aside from seeing performances by Petunia, Ray Bonneville and Gypsophelia on George's Sound Stage,

Kathy and I have more recently enjoyed Brunch every Sunday with a group of true regulars, the local Anglican Church Women.

Kathy's Mom, Mrs. Nora Tapley, who just celebrated her 100th birthday, never misses a Sunday at church, nor a Sunday Brunch at George's. Here she is seen placing her usual order, from head waitress Pat:

Mrs. Tapley
So, the Foundry burned down, the Train Station closed, the CBC Shortwave Station has completely disappeared off the horizon - what's next?? I tell ya, "If I Had a Million Dollars", I'd buy George's Fabulous Roadhouse and Kitchen. Here's a short photo album, which I might add to next Sunday - the final Sunday....

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