Saturday, March 15, 2014

They're Tearing It Down!

March 14, 2014

January 15, 2013

I knew this day would come - the total tearing down of the Radio Canada international Shortwave Relay at Sackville, NB. At present, they are about halfway completed tearing down the iconic towers and it appears the job of removing the elaborate web of antenna wire is totally complete. Since the early 1940's, this field array, built on the highly reflective Tantramar Marsh, a part of it known as Cole's Island to be exact, became visible on the horizon when approaching Sackville, regardless of route or direction. It was certainly the one landmark which spoke very clearly, "now approaching Sackville", just as clearly as it broadcast "You're listening to Radio Canada International" to every part of the globe.

As it was mentioned almost two years ago, on the actual day that RCI ceased broadcasting, this was an example of modern engineering at it's highest level. It's difficult to imagine a site like this being re-created, with it's towers standing perfectly vertical in swampy ground for decades, along with the elaborate, spider-web-like mesh of antenna wires which bounced that mega-powered radio signal off the salt-water ground and sent it skyward at precisely the right angles for good reception anywhere in the world. Doing these things simply aren't taught any more in our changing world! Soon there'll be nothing left but more hectares of flat marshland. I guess it is fortunate that just a few kilometers down the road, across the Nova Scotia border, there is an equally iconic array of wind turbines, providing us with the much needed renewable power we need in today's world.

I would at least wish that the transmitter building itself would remain with us, perhaps to contain a museum of modern technology - this building alone is a real thing of architectural beauty:

Taken March 14, 2014

Taken March 14, 2014

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