Friday, May 16, 2014

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Deep Crops

In my last Post, I had pretty much said it was going to be the "last post". But I was cheered on by my friend Mike, addressing my problem that I've run out of things to say, so "why not simply post some pictures, and maybe, maybe not offer a very brief description. I had been thinking along those lines anyway, and so... why not?

There's not a whole lot to say about these pictures I took in Amherst yesterday, but I thought they might be of great interest to Smartphone Photographers, or people with otherwise great cameras with fixed, or limited zoom lenses. This is simply to show that when you're using the camera you always have with you (a good Compact film or digital, or more likely a Smartphone), a very common problem is that you can never get close enough to the centre of action in sufficient time, because, especially with Smartphones, you're likely dealing with a wide angle lens.

This Post is simply to show you that using an App, or a Computer Editing Program (like GIMP), you can easily crop out most of the wide-angle picture, and still have a great picture remaining. You may need to rotate or do a perspective adjustment on what's left, to get rid of the wide-angle artefacts, (such as the leaning lamp-post). Also, you might find that you can't make a large print, because you've reduced 8 MegaPixels to maybe 1, but you can certainly make a small print, and Social Media viewing will still be great.

This may not be a "professional approach", but having a small camera with you at all times is better than no camera at all, especially when you hear one of your favourite things (a train) nearby, but you don't have time to get close-up; doing a deep crop will usually give pleasing results.

This Crop...

Was taken from this view

This crop...

Was taken from this view

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