Thursday, July 10, 2014

Real Lucky

The Thrift Store
There has to be a story in this photo!

We were just about to get in the car at this parking lot and Kathy mentioned the sky being very dramatic. This should've been her picture really, but I had my camera in my shirt pocket. I was making three exposures because of the tricky lighting - this one was the third, but two things I had not noticed - the child and the bird, as the camera I was using has no viewfinder. With just an LCD to make the shot, you really can miss a lot, so this was just plain luck, pure and simple. In fact, having a Viewfinder would not have made any difference at all, except that I might have seen everything that was going on. The child and the bird both flew into the frame at the same time - other than this, I had already seen the sun rays behind the clouds, and the contrail from the jet overhead. I hadn't even noticed the bright green reflected light on the window awning.

So that's the story of how it came about. But is there also a deeper story in the photo itself, regardless of what went into the making of it? There are two things in flight - the bird and the aircraft. There are two strong light sources - the sun's rays and the green light. And finally, there's the child exiting the Salvation Army Store. The angles and perspective all lines up very strongly, to help pull it all together.

This photo is extremely humbling to me! I want to let others tell the story. I'll add one more thing - the last time we were in this very parking lot, a half hour later, a young man went on a shooting rampage about a half hour later, and it happened quite close to this place. I can almost see a resolution to this horrible event taking place in this picture.

And I've learned another lesson - it's a very important thing for a Photographer to have a camera available at all times, but even more important to have your eyes open to your surroundings - this time, Kathy did and I did not - the rest was all Grace. This really is her picture.

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