Friday, September 12, 2014

Starlight Diner Revisited

Two Strangers, Sept. 2014 Panasonic DMC-LX5, DxO Film-Pack, Kodachrome 200 Emulation
It's hard to believe that three years have passed since we last toured Prince Edward Island. There is one "must eat" place that I cannot miss, and that's the Starlite Diner near Summerside. It is the most authentic retro-50's eatery that I know of, although I'm certainly not all that well travelled. The Starlite is done up with plenty of authentic 50's and 60's memorabilia, although it's not necessarily placed appropriately, I'll admit. But two things are important - 1) the food is made to match, and 2) it's a dream spot for retro-photography.

Three years ago, we went here for supper with a group of friends, and, as it was obvious that I was having some focus problems with some of the shots, I must've been using a Canon Digital Rebel with a manual lens - probably a Mir-1 Russian 37mm. This time, I was using my sweet little Panasonic DMC-LX5

Melody and Kim, Aug. 2011, Canon EOS 400D, Mir-1 Lens, No Film Emulation
There's no need to try making comparisons - I'm just showing the best-of this Diner from 2011 and 2014 - never mind the cameras I was using, unless you're really interested.

Kathy's Mom, age 100, Sept. 2014, Panasonic DMC-LX5, DxO FilmPack, Kodachrom 200 Emulation
Sept. 2014, DMC-LX5, DxO FilmPack Kodachrom 200 Emulation
Naturally, B&W goes well with the 50's period, as it was much more common. Only the wealthy were shooting colour slides back then.

Pam and Agnes, Aug. 2011, Canon EOS 400D, Mir-1 Lens, GIMP Ilford Delta 400 Emulation
Kathy & Mom, Sept. 2014, DMC-LX5, DXO FilmPack Ilford Delta 400 Emulation
Me, Aug. 2011, EOS 1000D (Kathy), GIMP Ilford Delta 400 Emulation

Delightful Artefacts, Sept. 2014, DMC-LX5, DxO FilmPack Kodak Tri-X Emulation

Aug. 2011 Outside the Joint (No Film Emulation)
Sept. 2014 Outside the Joint (With the KodaChrom 200 Emulation)
Photographs make memories - that's the most imporant part for me. Sometimes, I like to try different things, whether it's digital or real film, or film emulation, or by using ultra-cheap film cameras, to make my photos even more memorable.

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