Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Vacation time is rather different to one who is retired. It suddenly becomes more important to take a change of scenery than to take a break from work.

The Annapolis Valley Near Cheverie
This year, it was important to me to simply go to a place nearby that I haven't actually seen before, just for a few days. The choice was obvious - Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. It is a place of spectacular scenery, along with a great many  historic attractions. We really put a lot into three days, and having become accustomed to the various routes one can take for getting there, we will certainly do it again, and again. This time, we went as far as Aylesford, where they have a wonderful Zoo. When we make the trip again, we will go beyond that town, which is only just a bit more than halfway through, and there is so much more to see.

Zoo at Aylesford, NS

There is one attraction that's vital to the history of Photography - at Cheverie, NS, there is a full size Camera Obscura. I just had to see this:

The Camera Obscura at Cheverie, NS
The image projected inside of the Camera Obscura
Part of what the Camera Obscura is viewing
Kathy was not impressed and couldn't see the point, but I was very interested in seeing this most basic law of optics in action. Did you know that every photograph is actually upside down when it's focused within the camera? The camera's Firmware (for Digital) is what makes it right side up again on the camera's preview screen, and with film, the Negative is simply inverted while processing it into a print or slide. But what's really mysterious is - did you know that what we see with our eyes is actually upside down while on our eye's Retina due to this same principle? Our brains have a mysterious little thing called the "Pineal Gland" which, among other things, causes us to perceive what our eyes see right side up, even though our eyes are sending the signal to our brains upside down - just like a camera's Firmware!

We stayed both nights at Grand Pre, which has one Motel, one Restaurant, and one Garage:

Evangeline Motel Garden at Dusk
Roof of the Motel Restaurant at Dusk
Irving Garage, right after Sunset

Oh yes - it has one historic Protestant Church:

The Covenanter's Church Pulpit
The key attraction at Grand Pre is the Evangeline Acadie Landscape Historic Site, which features a very colourful Catholic Church:

Historic Site at Grand Pre - Evangeline Statue and Acadie Church
At this time of year, this entire valley is loaded with fruit of every sort, ready for picking:

Apple Tree at the Howard Dill Farm at Windsor

I did not talk about cameras at all this time - all I'll say is that I brought four cameras with me, and Kathy brought two, and between us, here are all of the photos we took - there are 246 pictures in all, and I still have to get one roll of film developed.

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