Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chrome OS Photography - Part-3

PicMonkey "Yesterday" Effect

I've tried out a few Photo Apps from the Chrome Web Store since yesterday, and I should first warn you - there are a few not worth considering - "PhotoRulez", "Rollip", and "Photo Editor" come to mind. It's pretty easy with the ratings / reviews available for each App - if only a few people provide 3-stars or less out of 5, just assume "there ain't nothin' here".

But I found one that's a whole lotta' fun--- and quite powerful too, called "PicMonkey". It is a semi-free App, meaning that most of the features are free of charge, but you have to sign up for a 30 day free trial, after which they bill you a small fee to open up even more of the arguably better features. But there's plenty to do with the totally free bits to keep me happy.

PicMonkey gets 4.5 / 5 Stars with over 2000 Reviews, and when I started using it, I could see why - it's very well done, with a long column of well organized effects down the left side of the frame, and basic importing, saving, un-do and re-do buttons at the top. The not-for-free effects are marked with a little "crown" icon.

This is exactly what I like - no silly stuff, in spite of the App's silly name perhaps. Every effect remains "photographic", and also offer various adjustments within each effect, including how much of the effect to actually layer in.

So, here are a few I tried, starting with a "Yesterday" treatment in the first photo above, and for reference, here's the original photo below, processed from raw via DxO optics Pro:

Original Raw From EOS 5D with EF50mm f1.8 Lens and DxO Optics Pro
PicMonkey Orton Glow
PicMonkey Cross-Processed Green Tint
PicMonkey B&W, Not Quite Fully Desaturated*
(* A wee bit of color remaining)

PicMonkey "Spotlight" Effect
PicMonkey "Lomo" Effect
Yes, I know - everybody's doing this stuff now with Camera-Phone Apps - but PicMonkey is not yet available on Android or iPhone devices, and it does provide a way to reach for all of it's stuff in an exceptionally organized, un-monkey-like fashion. Also, some layering of effects can be accommodated with seemingly limit-less "un-do's" (try that on your camera phone!), all of the features can be applied to photos taken with your best DSLR, and then re-saved at the original size with no degradation.

And best of all, PicMonkey is designed for Chrome OS, so you can get on board with the easiest to use and lowest device cost.

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